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Serena Giusti

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 Available Projects for Tissue Engineering

  1. Sistema di monitoraggio della temperatura in un motore per l'attuazione di un bioreattore per stimolazione meccanica
  2. Caratterizzazione della risoluzione di un motore stepper intergrato in un bioreattore per stimolazione, tramite sensore di posizione a infrarossi
  3. Caratterizzazione della pressione idrostatica generata da un sistema di controllo ambientale per colture cellulari in un bioreattore modulare, tramite sensore di pressione
  4. Caratterizzazione della pressione idrostatica all'interno di bioreattori modulari, tramite sensore di pressione 


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 About me


Serena Giusti is born in Marina di Campo (Elba Island) in 1985. She is a PhD Student in "System Control Engineering, Robotics and Bioengineering" since January 2011.

Her PhD project is mainly focused on design and development of high-tech bioreattors for in vitro organ models, with the supervision of prof. Arti Ahluwalia.In particular, she is working on the SUITE system, a standalone platform for for cell, tissue and organ culture in a more in-vivo-like environment, and the SQPR bioreactor, for applying a contactless, hydrodynamic stimulation of 3D cell contructs

She received the Bachelor and Master degree (with honors) in Biomedical Engineering in 2007 and 2010 at University of Pisa. The BS thesis was about "Design, Realization and Validation of a Modular Bioreactor". as well as her Master Thesis was about "Optimization and validation of a hydrodynamic bioreactor for the stimulation of articular cartilage". During the Master Thesis activities, she spent three months at University of Sheffield, in collaboration with the Kirkstall Ltd (UK), as Erasmus Placement experience. She performed a design study and market research of cell culture systems and she validated the SQPR bioreactor for tissue engineering of cartilage.


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